Top Reasons To Visit Hong Kong

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Enjoy your trip to Hong Kong by making the most out of your trip. Shop ‘til you drop in the streets of Hong Kong and figure out why people just keep coming back for more. Then hop down to check out the best things to do in Thailand.

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Hong Kong is primarily known for its shopping districts. But there is so much more that this place can offer. With the cultural diversity present in Hong Kong, you can expect a vibrant and dynamic cosmopolis. Visitors need not worry when getting around Hong Kong as English is widely used throughout the place. Street signs are bilingual owing respect to their colonial British culture and values coupled with their Chinese tradition.

The unique cultural fusion of Hong Kong is a thing to be lauded, even better than Seoul. Being under the influence of colonial British and Chinese influences, one could expect to see a mix of the eastern and western tradition. In the west, it is proper to give handshakes when greeting people, but mix this with the Chinese tradition, people in Hong Kong give handshakes but lower their eyes so there would be no eye contact. Making eye contact in such occasions is considered rude.

Most people who visit Hong Kong are usually there for the shopping experience as this place is famously known as a shopper’s paradise. Aside from the fact that there are a lot of trendy boutiques and luxurious shopping stores to choose from, you can practically shop in Hong Kong for your favorite things in reasonable prices. For the people in Hong Kong, shopping is not just a mere act of purchasing goods but a way of life, a hobby. Visitors could go about the different areas and shop to their hearts content at the same time taking in the blast of fashion tide.

The top three things that people shop for when in Hong Kong are clothes, cosmetics and electrical appliances. When you visit, do not forget to drop by Mong Kok. This is where people come to shop for goods at very low prices. You can find different gadgets sold at extremely low rates depending on the trend of the season, as well as an array of fashionable clothes fit for the season sold at low and negotiable prices. Be wary though not to hold on to goods that you have not paid for or are not willing to pay for because the vendors are not going to tolerate it.

The ideal place to stay in Hong Kong that would give you access to the hustle and bustle of the city life would be in Tsim Sha Tsui. Situated in a prosperous, high-ranking shopping and recreational area, you can find all the best malls, restaurants and hotels. Also, this would give you access to the MTR stations which is the basic mode of transportation if you want to get a look of Hong Kong the local way.

Aside from the busy shoppers who roam around the place day or night, the restaurants of Hong Kong are almost always filled with starving customers. Renowned as Asia’s culinary capital, the restaurants of Hong Kong provide guests a world of exquisite dishes and mouth-watering international dining experience. For those who are willing to taste the tradition Chinese cuisine, there are food stalls that provide cheap but grade A food. The local dim sum and fresh seafood are something that visitors should not forget to try.

Walking the streets of Hong Kong in any time of the day is going to be filled with eye-catching scenery. From the beautifully designed modern buildings to the age-old ones, you just cannot help from craning your necks around just so you can catch a glimpse of the wonderful architectures of Hong Kong. Visitors are surely going to be wide-eyed when reaching Victoria Peak at day time, all the more when at night. It offers a spectacular view of the city of Hong Kong complete with the skyscrapers and the natural landscape. An interesting sight to see at night would be the Symphony of Lights out on the Victoria Harbor at around 8 in the evening. One more good thing to do while out on the harbor is to take a night cruise and just bask yourself in the beauty of the night lights that the city has to offer.

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Just like any other place in the world, Hong Kong has a colorful nightlife. In east Tsim Sha Tsui, Lan Kwai Fong and Wan Chai, you can find bars and pubs that fit your taste. In Hong Kong, there is always a little bit of fun for anyone.

Hong Kong truly is a great vacation spot to go with your family or friends. The children will have fun meeting their favorite Disney characters in Disneyland and all the fun in Ocean Park while the adults will have fun going on shopping sprees and seeing the various sights to see in the city.

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