Top Reasons to Visit Namibia

Damaraland elephants

From wildlife, to nature preserves, amazing views, and exciting adventures, The better question would be why wouldn’t you want to visit Nambia on a South Africa Tour?  Africa has danced upon the pages of kids coloring books for centuries, found its way into adventure movies, and has even become a hot tourist destination for the courageous.   There are many reasons why its’ naturally diverse plains, desserts, seascapes, wetlands, and dunes have captured the interest of so many people over time.  While the list could go on and on, here are a couple of reasons why you should consider a Nambia Safaria for your next vacation.

male and female lion at rest

1.  It is like a zoo, but in real life!  Remember as kids the awe we felt staring at the animals so close and massive, but just out of reach.  The excitement of feeding a giraffe or watching a hippo play in his pool of water could entrance you for hours.  The scene is something out of fairytales, or so it has always seemed.  That is until you are able to experience a real life trek out into the wilderness of Nambia.  Lions, and Tigers and Elephants, Oh My!  There is nothing that can bring you back to those youthful days you once spent visiting the zoo, then seeing a real life Lioness playing with her cub.  Take your family to experience this once in a life time adventure, and treat the kid in you to a little bit of exhilaration!

people at victoria falls with guide

2.  The conservation efforts that Nambia implements are unrivaled.  Africa is well aware of their rich natural resources, and the constitution even enforces that protection insuring the security to be upheld and honored.  Austin-Lehman Adventure Travel will bring you to the AfriCat Foundation, and organization that has rescued over 1000 predators over the last 17 years.   This will provide a great opportunity to ensure you snap a photo of a cheetah or leopard up close.  The countries commitment to protecting their wildlife has allowed Nambia to be one of the few countries that still supports six species of large carnivores including lion, leopard, cheetah, spotted hyena, brown hyena, and wild dogs.  A great adventure waiting to be experienced while you show your support to the efforts put fourth in this diverse haven.


3. Be a character in your own adventure.  You are not simply a bystander to this adventure tour. You need to pull on your hiking boots and experience some real life trekking experience while exploring the diverse terrain that this mysterious land offers.   While you will be able to experience the thrill of a 4X4 ride for parts of the safari, there are other views that simply cannot be fully appreciated until you conquer the climb on your own.  Well worth the breathtaking views in the end, you will be amazed at how unbelievable the sights are, and how they just keep coming.

Making new friends while playing African Drums

4.  The history of Africa is also rich in its story and culture.  Visit some of the artifacts and stories at the Twyfelfonten and the Tsumeb Museum.  Experience Nambia’s past through photos, paintings, engravings, and artifacts, which piece together what is known about this fascinating location.   Learn about the wild west like times of when European settlers came with horses and guns and completely changed the current events and oral traditions of the area.

Sossusvlei luxury tent safari

5. The accommodations on your Africa Safari are nothing less then remarkable.  From adventure camps with luxury tents, to local Bed and Breakfasts, and Spa Hotels, each night’s refuge has be hand picked for your vacation.  The meals are mouthwatering and prepared for you to be an amazing addition to the rest of your dream vacation.  At the end of an amazing day relax on your balcony with a glass of wine and drift off to the sounds of the wild animals running off in the distance.

leopard in tree

Austin Lehman Adventure Travel has a legacy dating back to 1974 designed to deliver surprising luxury with limitless adventures.  Offering the finest local cuisines and wines, as well as highly qualified expert tour guides, and world-renowned excursions.  Book your Nambia Safari today and make your storybook fantasies become a reality.



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